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Ready to launch your online crypto business?

With our white label solutions, no one has to worry about the complexity or cost of building their automated trading bot because we’ve done all the work for them.

Every solution we offer is customizable and comes complete with a fully operational backend system and gateway payment so that you can get started right away.

This your own business; you are the owner of your domain name and run your virtual private server (VPS)

Make money with the auto trading bot while you sleep.

10xbot team believes that everyone should have access to the best possible automated trading tools. We’ve developed white-label solutions for crypto trading that anyone can use—from cryptocurrency specialists to beginners who want to make money with the auto trading bot while they sleep.

A large number of people are using Artificial intelligence for cryptocurrency trading. It is essential to use the right strategy-based strategies to mitigate risk. The simplest way to keep your crypto safe is to track the market through advanced artificial intelligence and other fundamental and sentiment analysis parameters that help build a good strategy.

Launch your crypto trading bot online business

choose your plan and start to use a profitable business model to achieve your financial goal.

Online Entrepreneur

$25 000

Launch your crypto trading business
Run 25 API key
unlimited fund managed
Start selling subscription
Manage multiple account

Support by email and Telegram

15% Royalty
25% Reseller Script

Affiliate Commission


50 000$

Launch your crypto trading business
Pre build or add your strategy
Run 50 API key
Unlimited fund managed
your own domain
start selling subscription
Monthly updates and support
10% Royalties Fees
35% Reseller Script

Affiliate Commission


100 000$

Launch your crypto trading business
Pre build profitable strategy
illimited fund managed
your own domain
start selling subscription
Run 100 API Key
Monthly updates and support
5% Royalty
50% Reseller Script

Affiliate Commission


Only crypto payments are accepted . To start, you pay an account and book a meeting with the support team. Your project manager will start one monthly deployment schedule with progressive payment. You don’t need to pay the total price to start.

We are open to  partnership and  various  payment schedule

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