Innovatives solutions for fund manager

Need a powerful algorithm to manage your client's funds?

You could apply for our services following your local jurisdiction guidelines if you got the financial licenses required to manage customers’ funds. Our Machine learning algorithm will outperform any ROI you’ll ever see

Bypass months of R&D by starting with a solid source code embedded on a user-friendly dashboard. You will be ready to use a stable platform with admin & users back office, profitable strategies combined with innovative features.

Full access to all features platform

No royalty & unlimited API keys

All other 10xbot plans had limitations, but fund managers don’t. The best way to manage your crypto activities without technological limits.

 Got no restriction on capital used on an exchange, anti slippage features, pair scanner and multi-account strategies features.

Run and upgrade the source code with your development team guided by your dedicated project manager available 24/7 during your launch phase

Who We are?

We are a team of professionals from crypto traders, asset management, software engineering, AI, quantitative finance & blockchain technology. Since 2017 we have worked on algorithm R&D, having vital track records in our respective domains.

Ready to take the next step?

Book a demo with a project manager to launch your platform. A dedicated project manager will follow up to rocket fuel your crypto business. Within a month, a schedule is planned with you to be ready to operate quickly.

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